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M-Duct R600

Smoke Extraction Ducts

Smoke extraction ducts in single-compartment applications, certified for a resistance temperature of ≤600°C for up to 120 minutes, with a leakage rate of less than 5 m3/hr m2 (‘S’ classification) and working pressure up to -1500 Pa.

A duct for every application

Classification: E600 S 120 (ho/ve) 1500 Single. According to UNI EN 13501-4.
CE certification according to EN 12101-7:2011.
Tested according to EN 1366-9:2008 for single-compartment systems and resistance temperature of ≤600°C.


This product is in compliance with directive 89/106/CEE, under harmonised European legislation UNI EN 12101-7:2011 (published in the Official Journal of the European Union, C 246, 24 August 2011).

Classification according to regulation UNI EN 13501-4:

  • E600 S 120 (ho/ve) 1500 Single
  • E600= integrity for up to 600°C
  • S= leakage rate (loss factor < 5 m3/hr m2)
  • 120= resistance for up to 120 minutes
  • ho/ve= horizontal/vertical installation
  • 1500=working pressure -1500 Pa ÷ +500 Pa
  • Single= single-compartment



Smoke Control and Extraction in single-compartment applications, for a resistance temperature of ≤600°C and pressure as per Level 3.
(re: EN 1366-9:2008 -1500 Pa ÷ +500 Pa)

Air leakage:

Tightness Class C, static pressure limit 2 (2000 Pa), leakage test according to UNI EN 1507:2007.


Nominal size
A (200÷1250 mm) x B (200÷ 1000 mm)
L standard length: 1610 mm

Supporting components and assembly kit

Duct supply includes:

  • Installation Manual
  • Threaded rods M8 and anchoring profile 41 x 41 x 2 mm<
  • Glass fibre gasket suitable for high temperatures and heat resistant acetic-crosslinking silicone sealant.
M-Duct R600

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