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Concreteness, solidity and experience

Our values

Fratelli Manenti has always been synonymous with pragmatism, soundness and experience
The skills and deep knowledge gathered in the aeraulic system industry are constantly communicated from the company’s executive team to all collaborators, with an approach focused on the customer’s specific needs.
In the continuous search for new challenges, our company has always been committed to technological adaptation and expansion of workforce and production facilities.

Our identity


A vast pool of knowledge handed down from generation to generation, to face new challenges every day.


Technological research to provide quality products and a precise, professional service.


A 40-year-long story of commitment and satisfaction, supported by long-term customer retention.


Our technical team is available to analyse every aspect of the production process, from design to implementation.


A company made of people

Commitment and passion handed down from generation to generation.

Since the company’s establishment, workers, assemblers, technicians and managers have always worked as a team. Craftsmanship is passed on from one generation to another, along with the tricks of the trade and the values that have always inspired us: passion, manufacturing care, and reliability. Our team is committed to ensuring outstanding results: we believe that dedication and high quality standards win customer satisfaction. That’s why we invest so much time and resources in employee training and workplace safety programmes.