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Rectangular Ducts

Rectangular Ducts are the most commonly used type and are made with zinc-coated sheet-metal or stainless steel. They feature Pittsburgh lock longitudinal seams with a transversal PDF3 flange as an integral part of the duct.

A duct for every application

Rectangular ducts are used for a variety of settings (civic, naval, industrial, etc.) and can be installed in both ceilings and suspended ceilings.
Indoor or outdoor insulation is available on request.


  • Suitable for tight spaces: the rectangular shape allows, for the same cross section area, a lower installation height, which is particularly suitable for suspended ceilings.
    (It is advisable, however, not to exceed a 4:1 ratio).
  • Smaller bending radii: rectangular ducts have smaller bending radii than round ducts, which makes displacement smoother and reduces changes of direction.
  • High rigidity: a system of reinforced cross ribs makes our ducts more rigid and stable. Duct sheet thickness ranges from 0.5 to 1.2 mm; duct length is up to 2 000 mm (fewer joints and, consequently, reduced pressure loss).
  • High airtightness: the cutting-edge PDF3 is in full compliance with UNI EN 1507:2008 regulations. Compared to similar technologies, flange making and positioning is carried out in one single step, and does not require welding and punching.


Manufacturing and Installation Specifications

  • PDF3 flange system, the newest technology for junction components made out of the coil sheet; applicable to straight and special pieces. Flange height: 20 mm for 6-7-8/10 metal sheets, and 30 mm for 10-12/10 metal sheets.
  • Longitudinal junctions are made using Pittsburgh-type seams, applicable to up to 1.2 mm thickness. If high tightness is required, longitudinal junctions are internally sealed with silicon.
  • ‘Z-bead’ stiffening cross ribs for low/medium pressure aeraulic nets. Internal reinforcements for large ducts and/or high pressure plants.
  • Bending radii and manufacturing features according to A.S.A.P.I.A regulations, which integrates existing regulations (ISO, DIN, SMACNA, etc.) with manufacturing systems currently available.
    Supporting elements made with zinc-coated C-profile and threaded rods. We can also provide standard earthquake-proof products.

Geometric features:

A= duct side
A= <300 zinc-coated sheet metal thickness 0.6 mm A= 300-750 zinc-coated sheet metal thickness 0.8 mm A= 800-1200 zinc-coated sheet metal thickness 1.0 mm A= 1250-200 zinc-coated sheet metal thickness 1.2 mm Standard pieces are 1650 mm long (for 6-7-8/10 thickness), and 1610 mm (for 10-12/10 thickness). Minimum PDF3 size for straight pieces: 150 x 150 mm Minimum PDF3 size for special pieces: 250 x 250 mm

Air Tightness class:

M-AIR products are available for the following pressure levels:
Low pressure: + 1000 / – 500 Pa
Medium pressure: + 2000 / -750 Pa
Depending on manufacturing methods, ducts are classified into three different airtightness classes:

  • M-Air A: class A (UNI EN 1507:2008)
  • M-Air B: class B (UNI EN 1507:2008)
  • M-Air C: class C (UNI EN 1507:2008)



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