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For over 40 years we have been at the forefront of the production of quality aeraulic systems.
This experience is the foundation of our future: a constant search for improvement and growth.

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Design and production of aeraulic systems

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M-Duct R600

Smoke Extraction Ducts

Smoke extraction ducts in single-compartment applications, certified for a resistance temperature of ≤600°C for up to 120 minutes, with a leakage rate of less than 5 m3/hr m2 (‘S’ classification) and working pressure up to -1500 Pa.

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Sandwich Panel Ducts

Ducts with sandwich panels made with rigid foamed polyurethane insulation covered on both sides with aluminium sheets.
Physical and structural features vary according to use and to the system’s operational conditions.

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Round Ducts

Spiral-seam round ducts.
Made with zinc-coated sheet metal or stainless steel, smooth-surfaced or strengthened with central rib.
High-tightness: connection collars with an age-resistant EPDM sealing gasket, which is installed in-house.

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Rectangular Ducts

Rectangular Ducts are the most commonly used type and are made with zinc-coated sheet-metal or stainless steel. They feature Pittsburgh lock longitudinal seams with a transversal PDF3 flange as an integral part of the duct.

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